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Tuesday the 3rd, guess which bar is having it's 6th anniversary with food, dancing, and t-shirts? How about make-up tips and sake cocktails while you get geisha'd up from 7-9 at Coco? Though it's only free booze if you slip in a flask, but all the cool kids are at Tuez Gayz, not just the gay ones.

Wednesday the 4th I've got me some rituals. I crash the free wine tasting at Austin Wine Merchant then immediately get to Whole Foods (or at least around 6:30-7) for Cheese, Please! It's cheese, it's beer, it's wine, it's free, and you'd be surprised... Don't miss Blues on the Green. Just don't. Fill a cooler with your beverage of choice, grab your friends, make some new ones, and you're welcome. How could I forget to remind you that there will be free cupcakes from Delish and wine at Touch of Sass from 6-8!?

Why don't you all just visit Jeremiah's party site sometime? I know I do...

1st Thursday! You know what means! Get down to SoCo, wander the streets, maybe sip some free cocktails in a shop, or maybe hit Avant Salon at 5th and Pressler at 8 for free food and drinks? Maybe get down to West 6th? Why? Because it's always a gaggle of receptions on 1st Thursday and Wally Workman Gallery is celebrating 30 years with one August 7th from 6-8. This usually entails free snacks from the nearby Cafe Josie, beer, wine, and rubbing shoulders with some very interesting movers and shakers.

Speaking of the 7th, swimming at Deep Eddy while watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs? Anyone?

LET'S LEARN HOW TO MAKE KIM-CHI FREE AT THE LIBRARY!! Perhaps if you're over that hangover from the Andy Warhol birthday bash at Mohawk you went to on Friday?

Oh my god, I did some actual writing.

Ah, Sunday the 8th at 7... apart from this being the day almost every sushi joint in town does all night happy hour? It's concerts in the park near Town Lake! Wanna watch Ghostbusters at Parkside?

On the 10th you can get free appetizers at Z Tejas?! You'd better RSVP!

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