This list is gonna grow...

Who knew that there was an underground wine BYO circuit happening at Cinema East on Sunday's? At least we know the after-party's are epic. Skip it all and have a 60's dance party? Or better yet? Go to The Long Center with a fabulous picnic overlooking Town Lake while hearing a free, live symphony orchestra!

Did anyone check out the pics of me and the other Austin bloggers at the Bleet-Up? Are any of you in the pics?

July 29th
from 5:30 try some wine, sake, and enjoy ridic happy hour pricing at Lift Cafe! Tori (of Paggi House fame) is the new manager and you expect the swank without the bank, guaranteed. Or go running with Rogue for some free beer until 7.

Free cupcakes and cupcake decorating at Book People on Saturday the 31st?!?!

Sunday? Fun day! Mimosas, Tex-Mex, Lustre Pearl?! You know where to find me from 12-3.

Monday the 2nd, ease the pain of "The Monday's" with free wine tasting and passed h'ors douevres at III Forks!

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