Don't you just love going to Cheese Please at Whole Foods? I know I would if I wasn't attempting another "30 Day Vegan Challenge," but the wine and beer make it still worth my time.

If you scroll down to the calendar you may fall in love with this site.

I have yet to visit Aviary, but you say free wine tasting and maybe some charcuterie? I show. So on the 12th? I'll show. At 8:30 you can visit Canvas for free appetizers catered by Ital. Or have free food and vodka at this blow-out party?

Oh no! Friday the 13th!

On Saturday the 14th get to Austin Art Garage for complimentary beer and vodka! Not to mention some fabulous local art. Get to Shangri-La for Misprint's jortacular release, complete with kegs and free BBQ.

For a very complete listing of fashion week awesomeness, check out my partay peep...

Sunday the 15th
get to RAE from 11:30 to 3 for makeovers, mimosas, and martinis at brunch! Word is at SoLa from 4-8 there's food, drinks, and dj's! Mmm.... did you see what's going on at 5 in the Triangle with free cupcakes and Tito's?

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