August Awesomeness

Friday the 10th from 8-11 hit up The Austin Fashion Week Kick-Off! It's not free, but it sounds like a lot of fun if you've got the cash.

Saturday the 11th at 8:30 head to Fiest Gardens to see Goonies for free in the park!

Tuesday the 14th from 6-10 visit Aziz Day Spa's new location and enjoy an open bar, food, and a smattering of sample services!

August 25th-26th: Are you excited about Le Garage Sale yet? It's  from 11-5 Saturday, and Sunday from 12-6, and Vinca (locally made!) will be up for grabs at the Downstairs Apparel table!

August 31st HURRY UP AND RSVP! There are drinks to be had at Frank!

September 4th come see me at 8:30!! I'll be doing some funny stories along with the improv wonders at Coldtowne! It's BYO...

Thursday, September 6th go celebrate Prize's 1 Year Anniversary! The festivities go from 5-9. Whole Foods is hosting The AIDS Walk Kick-Off with free food and drinks! Did I mention that it's Fashion's Night Out? Join Prize, Etc., Etc., and Plain Ivey Jane for food and drinks from 6-9!!

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