I'm Busy.

Thursday the 9th from 7-9 get your shop on with some free champagne at Maya Star. This is going to be epic. Zhi Tea, Greenling, local food, local beers, open bars? Oh my god! Free sushi from Imperia?! Free food, wine, vodka, dessert... And more....

Did you know you can score some free tacos at Guero's on Tuesday's and Thursday's!? Oh, and if you're by the Alamo-South then register for Car2Go (for free) and get a $10 drafthouse giftcard until 9 on 9-9.

Friday the 10th from 8-10 get free nibbles and more at Empower Yoga's 1 Year Anniversary. From 6-9 hit The Domain for delicious bites from Sullivan's and more! Don't miss the L13 cocktails at Saks!

Sunday the 12th it's a free day of dance at Ballet Austin! I went last year and had a really fun time learning hip-hop (the classes fill up fast)! Free cocktails and beer from 4-7 at UpStairs-Downstairs apparel!

Want a free pumpkin latte? On September the 14th you can have one. You can also get to Mellow Johnny's at to participate in an awesome fundraiser with free wine, snacks, appetizers, and the chance to help cyclists for a really great cause!

Wednesday the 15th (and every Wednesday for that matter) hit the Eastside for some free improv lessons, hilarious shows, and B-Y-O! The New Movement Theater is surprisingly great. From 6-8 you visit Beyond Tradition for wine and treats.


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