September 1st from 7-9 enjoy free Grey Goose cocktails at Parkside. I'd go to Live Oak Pharmacy from 6-8 for free snacks from Snap Kitchen and drinks! From 6-9 you can try some new free menu items and cocktail specials at Union Park's 4th anniversary.

Public School Pep Rally on September 2nd!! Trust me on this one.

Remember that it's 1st Thursday. That means the West 6th art galleries and everything going down on SoCo is going to be intense. Want to register for Car2Go for free? Then have free Amy's Ice-Cream just for doing it? Yes. Yes, you do. Free tequila? Anyone?

Friday the 3rd hit the pool at the Four Seasons at 8:30 for a free movie, popcorn, candy bar, and not-so-free-but-very-worth-it themed cocktails! Let's end summer right...

It's Sunday. It's 8. Let's go to Cinema East.

Labor Day is Free Yoga Day!

What's more important than anything else? Oh, maybe meeting me live hearing me do some of my funniest 100% true stories, possibly inebriated on a stage! September 8th. Clear those calendars. I'm getting embarrassed, and I want you to watch.

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