In Other News,

On the 4th (Thursday) RSVP to enjoy cocktails and apps complimentary at the Embellish Westlake grand opening! From 6-9 hit Touch of Sass for free wine, bubbles, nibbles, cocktails and Scotch! It's always nice to hit the West 6th galleries (Russel Collection, Wally Workman, and so on) for 1st Thursday. Free drinks from 7-10 at The Ranch!

Saturday the 6th get free wine, h'ors douvres, and a blow-out at Neiman Marcus. For those with kids, do not miss this! From 6-8 go to the Wally for yet another fabulous art reception. Get to Twin Liquors for some free Moet&Chandon champagne from 3-6! Discounts and refreshments at Wish!

Sunday the 7th at 7 hit this magazine release party for free beer. I'll be the one flying the hearts at the kite festival. At 5 get to Franklin BBQ to "Get Sauced" at 5 with live music, prizes, and as much free bread and sauce as you can handle.

March the 9th have cocktails, appetizers, and bask in the glow of some gorgeous jewels at Beyond Tradition from 6-9.

March 11th *Happy Birthday Barbara! from 7-10 get to Mellow Johnny's for beer and food at a kickoff party! Art and cocktails from 6-8 at Gallery D!

Starting ont he 12th hit these free SXSW parties! I know I focus on the free but anything titled, "Pastries and Pasties" has my immediate and undivided attention. At 5 join some local artists in this kickoff of creativity! From 6-8 hit Russel Collection for a fabulous, Spanish artist reception. Apparently there's been some upset on the Levi's Fader Fort. According to them, the only way to get the "real" invite is to join this list here. Sampling local, artisanl awesomeness at Whole Foods from 5-7 all weekend? YES and PLEASE.

13th from 6 onward attend the Lamebook party for free bbq!

Get your free-bacon-on
on the 14th that is at the Adobe brunch!

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