SXSWhoa, that's gonna hurt my liver...

It's the 23rd and you like free drinks and I like GoWalla so do not miss this pre-SXSW party!

Get read for ALL of the SXSWParties! This list is epic. Almost as epic as this. Looks like the Purevolume RSVP leaked! SXSWPartyList seems to be one of the best sources I've seen so far, or at least on Twitter.

Thursday the 25th from 7-9 hit Parts and Labour for a fashion launch party complete with free Lonestar. Don't you just love Republic of Austin? Don't you just love free drinks? Free food and drinks and (50) gift bags at The Ranch at 7, RSVP is a must. Opa is partnering with Do512 for some great specials, music, and what the hell? It's a wine bar. I'm kind of, sort of obligated to go. Get to Eliza Page for champagne and appetizers from Cru, gorgeous cakes by Stardust Pastry, hair and make-up by Milk+Honey, and move on to both Studio563 and Estilo for Tito's cocktails mixed up by Lucky13 with sounds even more pleasantly mixed by DJ Chicken George. I know you love the freebies, I do too (obviously) but I also love supporting local vintage stores that need a little boost. I love that in addition to dancing, drinking, and dressing up.

26th: go to Mellow Johnny's from 7-9 for free food and Gary Fisher! And on the 28th why don't you go see a roller girl show? It's been a while, and this is Austin! Let's go! Free vodka cocktails and goodie bags after 6 at this!

The people behind Republic of Austin have already rounded up 7 Must-RSVP parties for SXSW!

Wednesday the 3rd get some free Lonestar and check out some amazing prints. Word is that it's Spec's beer fest from 5:30-8.


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Thanks Amber for the shout out for Partay Peeps!!

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Love your blog. Nice post!!