Vacation is over?

So I'm back from Berlin, expect this list to slowly grow, you know, the usual...

Tuesday, October 6th be at Anthropologie for cocktails, h'ors doeuvres and the preview for a new show on the Sundance Channel, just make sure to RSVP.

Wednesday, October 7th hit the pavement because it's free coffee for runners from 6-7:30 a.m. at Whole Foods. Better yet. just go to Blackmail's Little Black Dress Party and free-cocktail-it-up. You can do the same at Spartan with free samples from Farmhouse Delivery from 6-9.

Thursday, October 8th from 6-8 be at Women and Their Work gallery for a lovely artist reception which makes no mention of cheese and wine but every single other one delivered. I'd highly recommend showing up to IF+D from 6-8 to party with Chicken George, and if it's anything like the last time there will be white trash snacks and beer in a plastic pool, no promises, but I promise it's going to be one hell of a party. 7-9 promises a very jazzy artist reception at Austin Art Garage.

Friday? Free beer at what sounds like a pretty great do512 sponsored party at Cheer Up Charlies.


crystal said...

Do you have to make reservations for spa week?

amber demure said...

I think so, I found it via Tidbits - but it sounds pretty good. I saw stuff for over 50% off.