I'm Having To Update This Multiple Times Daily.

Friday the 12th is yet another fun wine tasting (and bottle signing) at Twin Liquors - Hancock from 4-7. Better yet, their other location has a free 10 Cane Rum tasting.

Want free alcohol but prefer to stay downtown tonight? Get your free Jameson at Submerged from 9-10:30.

If you still want free booze but would like to add a little screen printing, dj action, and live art... then go to Industry Studio for the Failure showing from 7-10.

What's so great about June 13th? Oh, I'd say the Whole Foods free-to-the-public ice cream social. Why do I say that? Because they're announcing the winner of their gelato flavor contest. Sounds like a nice way to top off the Austin Wine Merchant's wine tasting, which generously happens every Saturday 12-3.

If you don't want to do that, head out to the Torchy's trailer park party! It's BYOB and promises fun people, fun prizes, and fun 70's films!

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