It's that time again.

I'm finding most of the good parties on SXShhh... and this is an epic list of free food events that require no badge.

How would you like to easily win $5,000 cash during SXSW? Citysearch is offering it up in their QR hunt! This is going to be lots of fun, and easy money (did I mention they're also giving away $300 gift cards?).

Wednesday the 7th don't miss this party exploding with food and drink sponsors.

March 9th from 7-9 enjoy free sushi, but be sure to register on Eventbrite! Check out the events going on at Langford Market (which is valid for the 10th and 11th as well).

Saturday the 10th from 5-8 enjoy free drinks courtesy of Pear Haven! Be sure to RSVP! The details are vague, but Plancast is having a relaunch party in the CNN parking lot. There'scocktails to be had at Plain Ivey Jane's 2nd birthday party!

Sunday the 11th ***if you have a badge*** RSVP via Eventbrite for free drinks! I don't have a badge and I RSVP'ed +1 so I guess two of you can have that, but if 20 people go in there claiming to be me? Don't tell them I blogged it.

March 13th-15th spells free music and BYO! On the 13th check out Pandora's party at Clive!

Thursday the 15th enjoy cocktails and appetizers at Stella Says Go!

March 17th is the Rachel Ray party!

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