That sounds fun.

Feel free to contact me directly at gmail (same name). Soon, this site will be under "that sounds fun (dot com)." Give it a few hours, and you'll be able to reach it through that. I'm about to have a lot of time to update this, illustrate, and more. Feel free to send requests my way, and now I bring you fun...

Wednesday the 21st
enjoy a Herzog film on the roof at Arthouse (if you're not a member, it costs $10). Lanai will be hosting the anniversary of Art Over Congress at 7. I recommend this Google Offers event at Paggi House.

Thursday the 22nd at Langford Market enjoy champagne cocktails and cake balls from 5-8! I seriously need to go to Bicycle Sports Shop for this free maintenance class at 6 (I can't even air a tire, I am not joking, and I don't have a car. I only bike!) In fact, there's a whole boutique crawl tonight.

Friday the 23rd at 6, head to the east side for a fantastic 4th Friday! Free makeup touch-ups?

Saturday the 24th head to North Loop for this fantastic block party from 11-7 featuring food, fun, and gift bags! Did I read that right/ A queso cook-off at Mohawk with samples? Hell yes! From 6-9 enjoy free rum, artisanal food, and more at this anniversary party. Russel Collection is having their Dali reception.

Sunday the 25th it's free museum day all over town!

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