Wednesday the 13th you do not want to miss the booze, food, fun, and did somebody mention cake and Champagne at midnight?!

(don't forget there's a free SPECTACULAR meal at Sagra).

Thursday the 14th
at 5:30 head to this spa event on 5th! From 7-10 you can hit up Gallery D for cocktails and celebration. It's Bastille Day and you can enjoy cold beer and free cake at the ever-fabulous Justine's.

It's the 21st... Hurry up and RSVP for free drinks and apps at Upper Deck!

On Saturday the 23rd
don't miss booze, vegan food, and a slip-n-slide for Zoja/Iggi's birthday!

Sunday the 24th at 7:30 head to Cinema East for an amazing movie and an amazing time!

On the 27th
Aziz will be hosting their customer appreciation event complete with drinks, snacks, and spa services....

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