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Free booze continues below.

Thursday the 30th
DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. Greenling is having another soiree and if you still haven't gone this is the rundown: tons of (good) beer, organic wines, local food prepared by individuals, chefs, and businesses for sampling. Lots of mingling with other locavores and FUN! That's what. From 6:30-9 you can enjoy sips and treats at Stella Says Go! Also? Swing by the 2nd Street District to enjoy even more drinks and food at shops like Eliza Page from 6-8.

October 2nd from 6-8 get to Wally Workman for this artist's reception... Free People is having a kickoff party from 1-5 and giving out free feather extensions? I don't even know what they mean, but I think I want one.

October 6th from 6-8 support Mamma Jamma riders! Enjoy free snacks and drinks at GSD&M. Spartan is having a housewarming party with music from Learning Secrets and free tequila from 7-10.

October 7th from 4-7 enjoy cocktails, cupcakes, and jewelry at Delish! Also swing by Townhouse for your 1st drink free from 6-9...

Anytime in October- take your first modern dance class for free at the Butler Community School (downtown).

Saturday the 9th from 6-9 (and Sunday from 1-4) meet Peter Max, mingle with art fans, and crash this reception...

October the 12th
get to Book People for an epic release party involving food, games, chariot races, and whatever the hell "satyr dancing" is! I dunno... Could be fun? Peche is turning 2 with free drinks and more! It's from 5-7 and they even got Annie Ray photo booth!

October 14th
visit Touch of Sass for cocktails and nibbles from 6-8.

On the 15th
get to Beets Living Cafe for free wine and food at their 1-Year party from 6-10!

October 17th from 2-5 Sugar Mama's is entering the terrible 2's! Free cupcakes and cocktails!!

On the 21st I would not miss this. Trust me. Don't.

The Draught House is turning 42! At 1 on the 23rd swing by to participate in beer olympics and more... It's House Wine's 2nd birthday and they're having free appetizers from 6-8.

Sunday the 24th it's the public re-opening of Arthouse!

October 23rd from 4-8 swing by Independence Beer for their anniversary!

Visit UT on October 27th to see Girl With A Dragon Tattoo for free in BUR 337 at 7.

Thursday the 28th is going to spell out lots of sidewalk sales and free cocktails at the 2nd Street District shops. It's also free food and cocktails at J. Black's!

November the 4th from 6-8:30 is Whole Foods "Taste of Thanksgiving," which means two words: "sample" and "city." It's free tequila and passed apps (with RSVP) at Malverde.

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District Day is happening in Central East Austin, this Saturday, October 16th. Information here: