Wine & Cheese.

Thursday the 29th from 6-9 check the new location for Touch of Sass for free nibbles and sparkles (*cough* that means Champagne) at their new location in the same area, just suite 140. BoConcept is about to get tired of me crashing their parties, but guess what?! Try and stop me! I'm crashing this fashion show at 6! Look at those sponors! I fully expect booze, food, and cupcakes. Or else I'm just bringing it in my purse... As usual... Nothing is going to beat this one. From 6-9 cocktails, booze, vendors, and it's all at Fortune. Free champagne, chocolate, cheese, strawberries and cheese? We all know I crash the Thursday (5-7) wine tastings (with snacks) at Royal Blue.

There's a new bar with champagne tastings from 7-9 on Wednesday's and Thursdays?!

The the 30th at Eliza Page from 6-9 for a cocktail celebration!

It's "Meet The Maker" weekend at Whole Foods (5-7, Saturday and Sunday) where you can sample from loads of local demos!

May the 1st at 6 be at Wally Workman for an reception featuring wine, beer, food, and of course... AMAZING ART by Fatima Ronquillo! It's Pilates day! Free Pilates and snacks!

Sunday the 2nd don't miss the Vinca trunk show from 12:30-9 at Parts and Labour! Of course there will be free drinks and cupcakes and fabulous jewelry!

Tuesday the 4th from 6-9 visit Beyond Tradition for a Spring Extravaganza featuring wine and chocolates! Or get some free cupcakes, cocktails, and have a mani!

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