Wild Turkey Whiskey is Vegan.

Want free fried turkey and Lone Star? Go to Beauty Bar on Wednesday the 25th, but get there early. Once again the Peen Scene has done my job for me corralling up the free booze for tonight.

On Friday the 27th you can swing by Teddies for Bettys for sips and snacks. Free beer? Free food? Intense prizes? Do512?

From 7-10 on the 28th hit Blue Velvet for drinks, treats, and their annual fashion show!

Monday the 30th at 7 hit the MoStashBash for complimentary drinks, Annie Ray, and a mustache competition for the fellas AND the ladies.

Tuesday the 1st from 4-8:30 at Russel Korman you can party with Tribeza Mag enjoying fine food and wine from Mirabelle.

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The Peen Scene said...

thanks for the shout <3