Liver Failure? Liver Win!

On the 10th you simply must RSVP for the Sailor Jerry documentary screening at the Alamo, even if only for the free rum afterparty...

Wednesday the 11th
from 7-11 celebrate Strata's party with Grey Goose cocktails, food from El Chile, and even DJ Mel for freeeeeeeeeee. Another tasty option is the Unbridaled open house from 4-7 with free food from Primzie and more.

Thursday the 12th hit up this RSVP for 2 free drinks and entrance to Silhouette Sushi's karaoke party with DJ Prince Klassen and more. Note that this RSVP links non-badge holders to 2 other events (each with 2 drinks included) of their choosing. Get on that! Also on the 12th from 6-9 hit up Touch of Sass for sips and snacks (note: alcohol and sweets) while shopping the store. Better yet, go to yet another Greenling.com tasting soiree at the CEO's house! Feast on local, organic, fresh, and delicious foods and wines at 7! Just scroll down on the link and call or e-mail to RSVP. Another little gem I've found downtown, apart from the regular wine and cheese and more tastings at Royal Blue Grocery (5-7, every Thursday) and the free appetizers at House Wine (7-?, every Thursday) is high-class-catering and wine served in the gorgeously hip Ligne Roset. You sit on posh, French furntiure and you watch French new wave: Contempt. FREE. Better yet? Check out Austin Art Garage for some REALLY IMPRESSIVE creations and free Tito's from 7-9.


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Wish I'd found your blog when I still lived in Austin! Great free stuff!