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Mark your calendars! Thursday, November 5th is Yelp Drinks Week!

From 6-9 Gallery D is hosting some hot British denim designers and providing the free wine.

Also on November 5th... do not miss a trip to Whole Foods for their, "Taste of Thanksgiving." I went last year, and yep, I pretty much had more than an entire Thanksgiving meal while drinking champagne I bought from the store all the way. This is also the day Spartan is busting out the prosecco and chocolate for ladies from 6-9. Don't worry fellas, they've got beer for you to ease the pain while your girlfriends shop.

The most ultimate Bleet-Up will take place at the Mohawk in addition to all of the above. Hit this link and get on that. Oh, and MariaMaria is doing a fashion show sponsored by Rare... some free treats thrown in.

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Tiffany Diane said...

Nov 7. Fashion Leak party @ Buy Definition with free goody bags and Platinum Liquor Vodka... Hope to see you there dear.