Weekly What-Not's

Tuesday, August 25th will be film noir and free cupcakes. Words cannot express how much I am ALL OVER THIS one.

Wednesday, August 26th a little bird named Kelly told me something almost too good to share. Imperia Sushi is having their anniversary from 7-8 p.m. with free drinks and apps.

Thursday, August 27th will be "Dueling Glamazons" at Parts and Labour, expect free treats, swag, and even chair massages. Enjoy the wine tasting at Royal Blue's 4th Street location from 5-7 to make sure you're nice and lubricated beforehand.

Spartan is hosting an artist reception from 6-9 with free cocktails.

...also of note, free cocktails, cupcakes and more at Lanai's birthday from 8-10.

Friday, August 28th will be another smashing local tasting soiree put on by the beloved Greenling.com (organic food delivery service).

and ohmygod are you ready for Saturday, August 29th? It's Sugar Mama's Bakery birthday and there will be food and cupcakes and ice cream and vodka and pie eating and fun and tigers and bears, oh my. I am beyond excited about this Lush launch party. Or I guess suit yourself and just have free popcorn and sangria at Cornucopia.

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