Land of the free, right?

July 3rd = free 6-packs of Lonestar to the 1st 50 customers into Bird's. Twin Liquors is having a Russian vodka tasting complete with Russian bread, pickles, and a gift pack containing a complimentary shotglass. Joie De Vie salon is doing free apps and cocktails from 5-8 again... Patio pool party at The Mohawk with free food, drinks, and even kiddie pools until 8!

July 4th = return of the veggie-dog eating contest at Tiniest Bar In Texas... or you could go to the Hyatt for some free watermelon on their patio bar. Complimentary beer and vodka at Beauty Bar. Headed to the South Austin Trailer Park eateries? Have some free beer.

If you want more food events for now through the 4th, not just the free one's... I'm pitching in with the wonderful folks over at The Decider. Please give this column of amazing food, wine, and booze events some love.

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