Alcohol Awareness...

Be near downtown, more specifically, be at Sikara for tastes and libations courtesy of Santa Rita Tex Mex Cantina and Dry Soda. It's June 25th, it's 5-8, and it's a jewelry showing with opportunities for you to help out the March of Dimes.

Thursday is always bangin' in the 2nd Street District. Not only can you pick up some free white wine sangria while shopping Gallery D (5-8), you can also swoop in on Beyond Tradition at 6 for a happy hour and trunk show leading into a free guest speaker on leaving your financial legacy.

Or just go to Lovejoy's for a free beer (7-9) courtesy of the Austin Chronicle.
Free mojitos are here and here Thursday.

Hit up Beauty Bar on June 26th (9-10) for free pizza, Independence beer, and vodka courtesy of 3 Olives. If you'd rather have a free party sponsored by Red Stripe (i.e., free Red Stripe and loads of Jamaican music) then hurry up and RSVP.


Austin Eavesdropper said...

Umm that Yelp party sounds fantastic?? When is it?

amber demure said...

I sent you some details on FB, I think it's July 16th or 17th? I'm considering modeling for it! But I might enjoy grubbing gift bags and free liquor more :), who knows, last time that landed me with a lost wallet and a series of hilarious regrets.