Go to Twin Liquors Right Now.

I had their Grand Master Tasting (Grand Master Funk? Wha?) this weekend and though I came in sober and hungry; I stumbled out drunk and full. Tonight features the sexiest sommeleir picks Sonoma County has to offer (including an old favorite, La Cream Pinot Noir). It's from 4-8, loads of impressive wine and oh yes, snacks!


Don't forget to hit up Whole Foods for much of the same through the store from 6-8 p.m. tomorrow, and if you love wine like little-miss-drunky over here then please come say hi to me at the Texas Wine Festival. I gave up almost 4 hours of my life this Sunday to take my TABC Certification online (it was painstaking, I had to get myself drunk just to get through it which felt a bit ironic) so I could volunteer/sample-pour there.

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